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Protein Powder Review

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I’ve talked before about why I use protein powder in ALL of my smoothies. Protein powder is very important for getting the most weight loss and health benefits from smoothies.

I am often asked which protein powder I use and wanted to share my favorite brand of protein powder. (Check the bottom of this post for a special offer)

Several years ago I wanted to try drinking protein smoothies to help me reach my health goals. I had tried the occasional one that was offered at the gym but usually found them to have a bitter after taste, gritty texture, or both. I knew if I was going to be able to consistently drink protein smoothies I would need to find a powder that tasted great and satisfied me.

Once I found USANA’s Nutrimeal, I knew it was a protein powder I could use every day – and I do. The flavors are delicious and taste great with any smoothie ingredient. It’s non-gritty and mixes in water to make a delicious meal replacement shake for on-the-go. I drink Nutrimeal blended in water (with a Blender Bottle) to power me through my workouts and I use it in every smoothie I make.

I used the product before I made commissions on it. I liked it so much I decided to partner with USANA and help people like me find a protein powder they would enjoy in their smoothies.

I use the Nutrimeal protein powders in every smoothie recipe on this blog. The vanilla and chocolate flavors compliment the smoothies nicely. For me, it’s an easy way to add flavor to my smoothies and I’m all about convenience when it comes to making smoothies. That’s why I drink smoothies – because they’re easy!

Nutrimeal protein powders

This protein powder review features USANA protein powders - my favorite protein powders that I've tested. Clean, pure ingredients that are non-GMO. Learn more on

Nutrimeal protein powders are USANA’s original protein powders. They are made from whey and soy proteins and come in two flavors: vanilla and chocolate. I use these protein powders/flavors in every smoothie I make because they taste really yummy in the smoothies.

I also use them in on-the-go shakes for when I need a quick snack. The protein and fiber in the powder fills me up and keeps me going for hours.

I’ll normally have a smoothie with Nutrimeal for dinner and I’m full for the night – even when I go to the gym for an hour or two for a workout.

USANA’s Nutrimeal protein powders are formulated to produce only small fluctuations in blood glucose levels for sustained energy and to keep you satisfied longer. They are:

  • Low glycemic
  • Low in saturated fat
  • Complete GMO-free protein
  • Gluten free
  • Contain 8 grams of dietary fiber
  • Contain 15 grams of protein

Check the bottom of this post for a special offer.

Special Offer

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This protein powder review features USANA protein powders - my favorite protein powders that I've tested. Clean, pure ingredients that are non-GMO. Learn more on
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