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‘Smoothie Basics’

18 Liquids to Use in Smoothies

Do you wonder what liquids to use in smoothies? Here are 18 awesome liquids you can use to boost health benefits and weight loss. Learn more on

Do you wonder what liquids to use in your smoothies? You might be wondering if your go-to liquid is the best one for your goals. Or maybe you’re tired of the same old thing and want… Read More

How to Make Smoothie Kits

How to Make Smoothie Kits by Better Me for Life -

I love smoothies because they are a fast and convenient nutritious weight loss meal. But, honestly, some times they just aren’t fast and convenient enough. I mean some days I literally have about 30 minutes between… Read More

Smoothie basics. New to smoothies? Start with these posts. They will help you to get a basic understanding of smoothies.
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