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Home Better Health. Simplified.Welcome! My name is Suzanne. I started drinking smoothies several years ago when I needed to lose 15 pounds. I’ve always been an active person and used to be able to maintain my weight with no problem, but apparently that changes with age… Working full time and already spending as much time at the gym that I really wanted to, I needed to find something to help me lose weight and then maintain it.

I’m not big into cooking. Don’t get me wrong – on the weekend I don’t mind cooking and I do love to bake (which doesn’t help the weight creep), but meal plans and cooking every night or meal prepping was not going to work for me.

I needed something different.

I gave smoothies a try not knowing anything more than sticking fruit in a blender with some water and ice, and I added a high-quality shake mix.

Smoothies worked for me! Replacing about one meal a day with a smoothie I lost all the weight I wanted to in a few months and have kept it off.

After a while of making the same old fruit smoothies day after day I became bored and decided to broaden my menu. I learned a LOT in the process about how to create a better smoothie, and I want to share it here, with you, on my blog.

Instead of a diet plan where you are hungry all the time and deprive yourself of the foods you love, smoothies are a satisfying, good-for-you meal. You might lose weight quickly at first on those diet plans but it can seem impossible to stick to that kind of diet. You may eventually slip up – maybe even binge – and end up at the weight you started at. Or worse.

Smoothies are a wonderful option for losing weight and keeping it off. They taste great, can make you feel fuller longer, give you boosts of energy, and are a wonderful way to add vegetables to your diet that you otherwise might not be getting.

Take a look around this site. You will find tips on how to make your smoothie work harder for you, health and nutrition information, and lots of smoothie recipes.


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